Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello once again.. .Well on Monday before we left for Ongole, we did another ministry in Bangalore at huge K-10th grade English school called Kennith George English School (Where they learn the language of English. There we did a program in front of about 250 children (the biggest children’s audience we’ve had, yet) It went well even with 2 member not with us, and we did gave one testimony to them, as well.

On Tuesday Feb 2nd we got up early to catch an 11 hour train ride to Ongole. There we did ministry at small remote area churches and city schools and prayed for people after our outreach dramas, dance and testimonies.. .In a little bit, here I will explain to you the program of dramas and dance that we do so that you all are not in the dark about them, but right now I’m going to continue with Ongole. J

We got to Ongole on Wednesday Feb 3rd and were there until Saturday Feb 6th. Like I said we did ministry in remote church areas and schools doing our program of songs, dramas, worship songs, testimonies and praying for people.

The first outreach we did was on Wednesday evening where we went to a woman’s college with the high school right next it. Instead of doing the children’s songs like Patty Pat Pat” , “Father Abraham” and “The Lord’s Army” like we planned on doing, we, we had to be totally flexible and listen to God and the Holy Spirit on what to do next. So we did the dance, testimonies and another new drama we call “The Heart” drama where there was a boy and a girl in it and the girl was asking the boy for his heart, so the boy asked God if he should give his heart away to the girl , but he did not wait for His answer, instead he just decided to because she was pretty . The girl then took his heart and played with his heart (coaxing it, throwing it in the air, bouncing it, and eventually dropped it breaking it into a million pieces, which the crushed boy had to pick it up the pieces. The girl shyed away from him saying “oops” and eventually walked away from him. At the end of the drama the same girl met him another time after the boy asked God to be in his heart and life and when she asked him again if she could take his heart, saying she will not break it again he said “no’” to her . Instead he asked her if she wanted to asked God to come into her heart and life and she said “yes she would” .It showed the audience that people can break your heart and can disappoint you but if you give your heart to God and wait for Him, He will never leave you nor forsake you so it’s better to give your heart to God rather than to people. Shari, Ranae and Amy gave testimonies. There were a good amount of girls who were touched and wanted prayer at the end, so it went really well.

Both on Thursday and Friday we had 2 ministry outreaches, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. On Thursday morning we went to high a school where there were primary aged students called ABM (American Baptist Missionary) Jr. College. There we did a children’s program with the dramas “Catch All” and “Sin Chair“ , the songs “Patty Pat Pat”, “The Lord’s Army”. Becca and Jake gave their testimonies and then we prayed for them. That evening we went to a high school and sang worship songs, the drama “Catch All” and 2 testimonies. Since there was no electricity in the school and no outlets we couldn’t do the dance or any other dramas, we could only do those. So we had to be flexible with that, as well. There was a great response, though as they were very attentive and were willing to get prayer afterwards.

On Friday morning some of us went prayer walking and went to a Christian cemetery where there were tombstones of past missionaries that were there and died there, while the rest of us stayed back and had some time God and Becca and Jana learned an Indian dance. That afternoon we went to another woman’s college, which the media was actually there, so we were on the news and 2 of the most popular newspapers in India, which the news covered the whole state of Karnataka. They basically talked about Americans coming to show the girls good morals and giving them the opportunity to get help by calling the ministry number in Ongole that we worked with. They didn’t say anything about us showing God’s love to them, but just us sharing with them good morals and us helping them. Since it was a hindu school, we actually couldn’t even talk about Jesus Christ, but the lyrics in the dance talked about Christ a lot in it. So they heard a little bit about him. Nothing happened to us because of that, which was good. We didn’t get to pray with them, though because it was a hindu government school, but I believe God gave us that opportunity to make a big impact there. I believe even to the principal of that school. Much if India is hindu and muslim, so please keep them in your prayers and that the seeds that we had sown there would be planted in good soil.

On Friday night we went to a remote village church where we did the program and prayed for people afterwards. There were many people who wanted prayers for healings of many type from healing from a head ache to a father who drinks to HIV Aids and everything in between.. We prayed about those healings, laying hands on the sick and praying for them to be healed, as a passage in the Bible talks about that. I wish I can find the passage that talks about it, but I don’t know where to find it in the New testament. Amy got to pray for a lady who was hunch backed with having back pain and while she was praying the ladies back straighted right up and when she asked how she was feeling a little bit afterwards she said with a smile that she felt “fine“!!! Praise the Lord!!! J

Saturday was a fun day, getting up really early to see the sun rise at the beach. A pretty laid back day, besides us having to get up early, with no ministry that we did. Amy got to talk to a hindu man at the beach with the help of Sweetie to traslate for her. She was the wife of a pastor that we met at the train station coming to Ongole who worked with us at the ministry there) She was able to show how much the One and Only God who made everything that he sees, even the ocean and the sky loved him and how He loved him more than how big the ocean and the sky is. She got to share with him who Jesus Christ really was, and what God did through Him for him and everyone all around the world, sharing with him John 3:16. The guy was very attentive and Amy believes that he got convicted since he said that he would consider accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior. She prayed for him thanking God for his willingness to learn more about Him and willingness to accept Christ. That was a good seed that was sown and she didn’t want to force him to accept, since God is not like that, just prayed with him about his willingness and God will do the rest.

We got to the train station in Ongole at about 5:30pm to head back to Bangalore’s and we made it to Bangalore’s train station at about 8am. and made it back on Sunday morning at about Overall the time in Ongole was very good. It was beautiful there, with high hills and a hill that overlooked the entire city‘s. We believe that God through us made a big impact there, and cannot wait to hear what else God will do there. We will be keeping in touch with the people that we workd with there, so they will be able to tell us of any changes that were made for His glory. Keep Ongole, as well as Goa and Bangalore in your prayers, even after we have left here. God is good!!!

Drama explanations

This drama is all about how God (played by Tony) created everything that we see, the heavens and the earth, the birds of the air, the fish in the sea, the mountains, the ocean and everything that we see. It showed God creating Adam (Played by Shane), from the soil on the ground and giving him the breath of life. It showed everything in the garden and how satan and his demons got Adam to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We acted out how the demons and satan surrounded Adam and tortured him by hitting and beating up on him, and when Jesus came into the picture we acted how satan and the demons torched and beat up Jesus, bringing him to the cross hoping that he would die. Taking the punishment of everyone’s sins. Then by God’s power He brought him back to life and destroyed the enemy’s sheme. At the end of the drama Jesus coming back to Adam and God, showing the entity of the trinity with the Father (God) the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit (inside us humans after we accept God and Jesus into our lives working together as one. This one is pretty self explanatory. J

“Catch All”
This drama has 5 people lined up with their backs facing the audience and they all have something wrong with them, while there is a person on the front of the stage who had nothing wrong with him. The first person in the line turns around and walks up to the guy and they have a sneezing problem, the next had a fainting problem, the next was itching, the next one acted like a chicken and the last one there was a pregnant woman. After the people who had something wrong with them ran into him, he got what they had, and eventually he had everything at the same time. Except for the pregnant woman, who the guy runs away from her saying “Oh No, not that!!!, as he runs off the stage. Kind of a funny one, but with a good moral.

The moral:
For children to be careful of who they hang out with and the friends that they pick, because if they have bad habits, like if they get mad a lot, or is they disrespect their parents, what they do can rub off on them, so it’s good to pick friends that will be good influences on them instead of bad influences on them, and if they are Christians, to pick friends that would help them with their Christian walk.

“Sin Chair”
This drama is about how if we get too much into sin we can get stuck in it and not be able to get off of it and enjoy the other good things that maybe our friends are doing. There is a chair in the middle and someone put a sign on it that says “Sin” and says don‘t touch. . Then someone comes up to the chair and looks at it thinking there is nothing wrong with it, and takes of the sign off of the chair. He puts on hand on it and he tries to take it off and it gets stuck onto it. Then he tried his other hand to hopefully help with other hand to get unstuck from it, then that one gets stuck to it. So no matter what he did he always got stuck to it. The people come along one at a time who were playing basketball, exercising or running asking him to join them and he had to say “no” because he was stuck to the chair. Then someone comes up (the person who put the sign on the chair) having a Bible in their hand, looks at him and was disappointed at him. Then they told him about God and the Bible and to pray, so they prayed with him and he got unstuck off of the chair and the sins.

The moral:
If we get too much involved in sin, it could get a hold of us and we will get stuck in it not being able to do other fun things with our friends. With God in our lives, though and reading the Bible and prayer (talking toGod through Jesus) God can help them through it and can help us get out of it.

“By Your Side”
This drama has a lot to it… It shows a couple with a baby and the woman was worshipping a hindu idol (played by Ranae, Jana and Amy) and the man (Played by Tony) had a list of dreams (his future) in his hands. There was shown both Jesus (Jake) and satan (Sean) trying to influence both in a good way (with Jesus) and in a bad way (with satan), satan making the woman (Becca) worship the idol, and satan being the one who made the man feel discouraged about his dreams and his future and making him hit his wife after he made him lose their baby. While the whole time, Jesus was right by their side asking him to come to him and to not do the bad things they were doing.. At the end of the drama the woman finally came to the conclusion that worshipping the idol was not what she needed and said “no” to it, knocking it down to the ground and breaking it, accepting the One and Only God, worshipping Him and Jesus, God’s son as her Lord and Savior Jesus gave back their baby and the woman told her husband about it her accepting Jesus and they both came to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The moral:
If someone worships any other god, but God, their life could be a confusing, discouraging, deceitful mess with all kinds of bad things can happen to them, with some grace being shown to them through other circumstances from The God who loves them trying to get their attention. Then when they accept the One and Only God into their lives it could be better and will not be as discouraging or hard as it can be if they worshipped something else. Jesus is also by their side the whole time no matter what they do or no matter where they are in their lives and that shows that we just have to accept him to be more a part of their lives and things could be better than it could be. Although their life won’t be perfect, with no problems, it will be better than it could be if they trust God with their lives here on earth.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This past week has been filled with quite a bit of trial for the team.

Our main outreach this week was teaching at a local Re-hab center. Each student and staff member had chosen at least one topic on which they were to speak for 1 hour.
The topics we taught were: Quiet Times, Hearing God's Voice, The Character and Nature of God, Freedom in Christ, Purity of Heart, Lordship and Family.

It was a new experience for many of the students, to teach adults for an hour. Overall they did a fantastic job!

Unfortunately, two days into the week, one of the student was dismissed from the DTS. Not long after this, one by one, virtually each team member fell ill. Several of us were out of commission for a few days, which we took to rest and recover.

We are very appreciative of all of those who have been praying for us.

We are back into the swing of things now, having visited an orphanage today. We danced for them, performed several dramas and played various games. They thoroughly enjoyed our time with them, and so did we.

Tomorrow, we will be working with a church, and this next week we will be heading to Ongole where we will be ministering for the rest of the week.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to the blog of YWAM Dayton's September 2009 DTS outreach. We apologize for not updating you sooner, but internet access has been few and far between, and when we've had access, it's been unreliable at best.

Jan 19, 2009

Well we have made it into India to Grace Mansion YWAM India base in Bangalore on Thursday Dec 31st at 4:30am. We were welcomed warmly at the airport by 2 staff men here at the base, as well as at the base with bags of goodies and welcome cards on our bed. We were just there for 1 day and 2 nights before we left for Goa. We spent some time with God and did some outreach there. We were only there for one week before coming back to Bangalore for the rest of our outreach.

In Goa on Sunday Jan 3rd we went to a church called Christ Life Worship Center where we enjoyed a nice mix of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs. We also performed our drama "By Your Side” which touched a lot of people in the small congregation. Following that, we enjoyed a wonderful sermon on Jeremiah 18 about God being the potter and us being the clay. Sometimes He needs to break us in order to make something better. It was a very good sermon! :)

In the middle of the service before we went up to do our dramas we introduced ourselves and after the service there was a time of fellowship where we were able talk and get to know some of the people.

We also did a few different types of outreaches while in Goa. One was that all week we went to help out at YWAM Goa’s pre-school, working with the slum children there. We helped the teachers there by showing the children how to name pictures of animals and vehicles in English, which they were already learning. There were saying the ABC’s and numbers up to 30, 50 or 100 depending on the ages of the classes, which were split up into 3, 4 and 5 year olds. We were also singing songs and playing games with them at the end of the short 4 hour days.

The other main form of outreach that we did in Goa was going to a slum area where we prayer walked around it before meeting with the local kids, and giving balloons to them (Sean‘s idea).

In our 'Open Airs' we did our 3 dramas “By Your Side”, “Sin Chair” and “Creation” as well as our hip hop dance performance “Crosssover" in front of a hindu temple (using their outlets for power), it was powerful!

There were good amounts of children and adults to watch and listen to us. There were more children than adults who came to watch what we were doing, but the adults seemed to be the ones who were more impacted.

After our last drama, “Creation“, Ranae explained it and presented the gospel, inviting anyone who would want to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour to do so.

There was a small group of young adult men who decided to come up to get prayer,
which was awesome! After we started praying for them, there were about 20 more people including children who came up. Praise the Lord!

The following Sunday we went back to that same slum area, again starting out with worship songs in their language, which a few of the Indian YWAMers lead as well as the “By Your Side” drama and the “Crossover” dance we did again.

We had a call to repentance again then in their language, (having translators the last time we were there). We had more children than the last time who came up for prayer there were a few adults come up this time, too. All Glory goes to God for all of this! It was absolutely nothing that we did but all that God did with the conviction of the Holy Spirit. We are His vessels, and are grateful to be used by Him.

Jan 21,2010

We left Goa on Mon Jan 11th by train at 8pm on Monday and were back in Bangalore at 8pm on Sunday by 12:15pm. It’s nice having it not so hot and humid here like Goa was, it’s a warm 70-80 degrees and comfortable here, which is a good change. This week back was a pretty light one, the only outreach we did was on Friday going to a Christian orphanage called The House of Faith. There we played games like "The Balloon Stomp”, “Sharks and Minnows” and “Link Tag’ which they all were a lot of fun to them. After that we came inside and had a time of worship as well as the 3 dramas “Sin Chair“, “Creation”, “By Your Side” and the dance performance “Crossover.”

At the end we had a time of prayer for anyone who wanted to accept Christ. Fortunately they all seemed like they already were Christians, unless there were some children who were too shy to speak, since I (Amy speaking) believe there was one boy who had accepted Christ after we had a prayer time in small groups for anyone who wanted prayer for anything. I could tell just by the look on his face and the tears (Happy tears!) :) that he tried to keep in while they were all doing a song performance for us. All of the children wanted prayer, for whatever they needed which was awesome!

At the end, the leaders in the orphanage also had the children and them pray for us by us getting in the middle of a circle they made around us. It was cool how they did that, praying together in unison. That’s how the Indians pray around here, I think it’s neat. :) So that outreach there went very well with 30-50 children. Praise the Lord for good responses for prayer!

This week (Jan 18-22) has been a busy one with outreach starting on Sunday with going to a Christian church in the slums. Tony lead them in worship and we did the 2 skits “Sin Chair” and “By Your Side”. We had prayer at the end of that, too and there was a great response with that as well with almost the whole congregation coming up. I don’t know if it was just to accept Christ or if it was just to get prayer for anything they needed, because the prayer was in their language, not translated for us.

That same afternoon we went back to the same place and did outreached some more, there by participating with them in songs (even though we didn’t know them, with them singing in their language), but it was really cool hearing them sing in their own language (which was not hindi, but Kanada, I think if I remember that name right) We also did the skits “Creation” again and “Catch All” as well as the fun motion song “Pat Pat Patty Pat”.

Monday was our day off and Tuesday we went to that church again were we worked with the youth and Jake gave a message about being people after God’s own heart. He spoke primarily from 1 Samuel 16.

On Wednesday we went to a different slum area where we did prayer walks, praying for people on the way who new the women that were with us. We were with Nancy and Rachel, two Indian YWAM India leaders who could translate our prayers for them. It was cool seeing 3 adults who stopped us wanting us to pray for them. We also got invited into 3 different mud hut homes where were we able to pray for people in there, too.

When we got to a big open area, that was were we did the skits in the open air. We did “Sin Chair”, “Catch All” and “Creation“. Amy (I) debriefed "Sin Chair” telling them what it meant, Sean debriefed “Catch All” and Shane debriefed “Creation”. We just had a basic time of prayer since it was getting dark. They were very attentive to the skits, which was good. I think the second best thing about that night next to praying for people was hearing the children chant “Jesus Power: Super Power!!!!” as they were waiting for the skits to start. :)

Well that’s all for now…

For His Glory.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Business Resource Center Home

Here is the latest website and ministry from YWAM Dayton. The Business Resource Center. Please check it out and give Ron a call if you are interested in it.
So just let me know what you think of it. It is not completely done yet but it is getting there and every week it is getting more and more refined.
Business Resource Center Home

New YWAM Dayton website almost done!

Yep the new site is almost done.
Here is the link to the site. It is not done yet and there are still some bugs to work out and content to upload. But this will give you a good idea of what to expect. So please let me know what you think.

Faith Week

This week is the 1st week of local outreach. That means a couple things. 1st that they are almost through the lecture phase and 2nd that God is going to be working and directing them and reveling Him self to them a lot a new in this week. They should be returning This Friday or the latest by Saturday evening. So soon we should have some of the testimonies of the students! So please check back soon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

DTS Adventure

We are now closing the 1st full week of the DTS. Things have been great. This weekend is there first challenge as a group. We are shipping them out to a local hiking trail park and for the weekend they will have to work as a team and learn how to listen to God and follow His leading.